Friday, November 27, 2009

SP2010 Development: Creating a bootable Windows 7 VHD

I prefer to create a base VHD image and then additional VHD images as I install each component of my SP2010/Windows 7 development environment. The key components are:

  • Windows 7 O/S
  • Office 2010 (Beta 2)
  • SQL Server 2008 (not R2)
  • SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise Beta 2)
  • Visual Studio 2010 (Beta)

To create a bootable VHD,

  1. Install Windows 7 (for the first time)
  2. Restart Windows 7 pressing F8 to get the Advanced Boots Options screen
  3. Select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt"
  4. Login
  5. Type "mkdir d:\win7vhd"
  6. Type "Diskpart"
  7. Type "create vdisk file="d:\win7vhd\w7base-091127.vhd maximum=20000"
  8. Type "select vdisk file="d:\win7vhd\w7base-091127.vhd"
  9. Type "attach vdisk"
  10. Type "exit"

The above creates an empty VHD file on the local Windows 7 system's hard drive.

p.s. Note: This process creates an empty VHD file ...not a VHD that is a copy of the local install of Windows 7. To make a VHD image of the local install, use Disk2vhd from Microsoft. Checkout

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