Thursday, November 19, 2009

PDC09: Silverlight, Silverlight, Silverlight

Starting with Ozzie's PDC09 keynote on Tuesday, Silverlight 4 (SL4) was highlighted as Microsoft's key presentation technology for both in-browser as well as out-of-browser (desktop) applications.

To help support the out-of-browser experience, SL4 now supports traditional printing APIs as well as access to local devices on your laptop or PC. This, for example, was very important to a banking software architect I spoke with who wants to use one presentation technology for both the web and the desktop and needs access to peripherals like magnetic strip and smart chip readers as well as slip printers.

SL4 also plays will with Microsoft's key data access strategies (e.g ADO.NET Data Services (REST)).

What is the adoption rate for Silverlight? According to ScottGu, Silverlight is currently (Fall 2009) running on 45% of the world's PC ...up 15% from last year.

Michael Herman
SharePoint Architect

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